iOS Development

With more than 3 years experience with Objective-C and a valid Apple IOS Developer account, I am able to publish apps for iPhone and iPad's to the App Store.

Website Development

I created my first website when I was 13 years old by using a free service called ‘Piczo’. Couple years later I then gathered more skills and knowledge which lead me to move to Microsoft Front Page for another couple of years and ever since 2011 I now use iWeb even for this website.

Video Production

My actual filming abilities began with a single clip I filmed for fun at school but in fact turned out to be a start of a bright future.

In 2010 I started filming a figure adventure series which has grown popular as there is a bigger budget, as you have to scale sets down, as it saves money and time.

Image and Design

Ever since I first started creating websites I had also gained the knowledge of editing photos on Photoshop and have created many logos and promotional images for videos on my YouTube.

Experience: 4+ Years

Experience: 7+ Years

Experience: 8+ Years

Experience: 7+ Years